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About bytePages

These days, it's easy to find good quality sites which cost a lot, and poor quality sites which cost a little. The challenge is to find a quality site at the right price from an experienced, reputable provider.

That's why we took our custom Web experience and stuffed it into affordable website packages. If you have basic website needs and want a top-quality site supported by experienced professionals, without spending your holiday bonus money, bytePages is the best product available. And it's FAST! Upload your materials and you'll be done in a day, or a week, depending on how badly you want it.

We have a proven track record for assessing client needs, building attractive and easy to use sites, making sites findable on the search engines, and satisfying both clients and site visitors. And now we are set up to work with clients whose needs are basic and whose budgets are tight.

bytePages save you money in three ways:

  • For a custom site, ANYTHING can be done. bytePages streamlines the sales and site-building process by limiting the scope of what's possible. We present you with easy-to-understand site package options.
  • We chop $1,500 off your costs up front by preparing several top-quality design templates in advance. To make sure your site doesn't look like everyone else's, we offer multiple templates and customize your selection with your logo, color and font choices.
  • You do the site content preparation work. Your template site is a wrapper ready for your content. We can be hired to create your logo and/or write your copy for an additional fee, if necessary.

If you want a custom site that securely ties into your company databases, has management for everything, and does cartwheels on demand, give us a call. We've done it all; from complete, database-driven solutions for major hospitals, to online continuing education e-course systems, to custom banner orders with seamless brick-and-mortar integration. We're open for custom work, and we love a challenge.

If you're looking for a great, basic site at a great price, you're in the right place to get the best your money can buy, from people who know just what the best is.

Brought to you by Byte Productions

Byte Productions LLCByte Productions is a Northern Michigan-based, family-owned company, founded in 1991 and operated by brothers Tom and Tim Barrons from Honor, Michigan. Each member of Byte's team brings unique talents and specialties to the table to creatively assess and solve our clients' challenges. From graphic designers, musicians and writers, to programmers and hard-core techies, the Byte team has been carefully chosen to cover the broadest possible spectrum of creative and technical areas, while maintaining a company about the size (and culture) of a baseball team.

Our core team members include the company owners, who are at the center of Byte's day-to-day activities, a pair of network administrators who specialize in security, and our team of programmers, designers, copy writers, and Flash specialists. We also have expertise in music, video production, and photography.

Our serious personal and collective commitment to excellence in all that we do, at work and at play, is something we are proud to share. Given our leaders' penchant for choosing custom challenges which have never been solved before, coupled with the fast-changing nature of the multimedia industry, we have the freedom to search for new ways to solve problems, and explore ways to communicate faster and more clearly using new mediums.

The Byte environment fosters our individual creative approaches to a job which, for most of us, often blurs into hobby. And we are fortunate enough to practice art and technology in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Traverse City, Michigan.

What We Do

Technically speaking, we do database integration and dynamic Web publishing, traditional website design and production, e-commerce systems, mass-email systems, event registrations systems, Internet consulting, and website management and hosting. We also have a team that concentrates on Flash development, CD ROM and other multimedia production.

But perhaps a better answer to this question is that we seek out opportunities to assist people who can best benefit from our custom services. Once we find them, we do what we can to solve their problems and explore future possibilities. In the case of bytePages, the challenge was to find a way to deliver top Byte quality sites at a bargain price. Sometimes the challenge may be as simple as enabling a local real estate company to instantly communicate listing information via a website. Sometimes the challenge is more complicated, as when a medical company needs to communicate important health and medical information to a wide and varied audience. Sometimes it's as creative as using technology to capture an abstract concept or new invention in the form of illustration or animation. Sometimes it's as technical as networking a large printing company with an online e-commerce application, linking accounting, ordering, and print queue systems. But always, we put to use our thirst for the better solution.

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